We have in-depth understanding of the education environment in the geographies we work.


GTE Compliance – For Australian Universities

India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, African continent*

Rank Global process is driven by an exclusive software and is based on Ministerial Direction 69 & SSVF systems. Our process minimizes documentary fraud. The key benefit is that Universities can focus on making offers while Rank Global assists in Managing Student Quality and assuring genuine students. Our systems are fully integrated with University Systems.

Turn-around time 24 hours

100% transparency

Safe as bank account

Exclusive Software

Online System with ‘Real Time’ university access

Self Generated Reports- Anytime, anywhere and in Real Time

Agent Training Workshops

All Agent Coordination for Documents

Our Team merges with University GTE Team

All Applicants interviewed

*coming soon

University Partnerships

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Middle East, South Africa, South America

To maintain an ongoing stream of High Quality Students, we partner with universities to create a matrix of Relationships across the globe, which forges our partner
universities to be recognized as a ‘preferred destination’


Recruitment & Outreach

Recruitment Programs

Customized programs focused on ‘Direct On Campus Student Interactions’ and creating an ongoing engagement calendar.

Top Listed Schools

Special focus on institutions governed by Industry leaders.


NAAC A Universities, Private Universities and Universities with a Global approach along with a reach beyond the metro towns, with High Calibre.

Social Media Marketing

Campaigns to create a market. Specialized team to actively collaborate with leading student centric sites.


Our Mobility Programs enable a familiarity platform to enhance student’s perspective of the Institution, the City & the Country

Inbound Programs

Inbound Programs are for International Universities who want to bring their students to India, China, Hong Kong and Australia. Programs can be customized for other geographies depending on your requirements.

Key focus of these programs are talks on the region's business environment, industry visits, academic interactions & workshops with local students, faculty and Industry Leaders.

Usually these are in conjunction with a local institution or university who also provide
academic support.

Outbound Programs

Outbound Programs are primarily focused on Indian Institutions, who wish to expose their students to international environments. Such programs are in conjunction with leading universities abroad.

Industry visits and special interest tours are integral to these programs.

Academic Partnerships- Schools & Universities

  • To recruit for Undergraduate and Masters program.
  • Focus on different Schools and Universities for different programs. As an example, for Law we will work with different universities while for engineering we might focus on another level of institutions. This is because in many regions, there are host of specialist institutes rather than every course being under the same university.
  • Engagement programs with students including semester abroad.
  • Create articulation arrangements for under graduate students.
  • Create Pathway programs for graduating Under Graduate students.

Research Partnerships

  • Research partnership are instrumental in raising perception level of Global Universities in the region. The Target Universities here will be the top rung universities in different fields. Strategic tie ups are created, keeping in mind the research focus of that particular institution.
  • Considering the education structure in the sub-continent, multiple university tie ups are created depending on your needs and matrixed with an institution's specialization.
  • We connect you with the top Universities across the regions we work in

Industry Partnerships

  • Specially designed Internship Partnerships
  • Creating Funding oppurtunities
  • Collaborative Research
  • International Exposure for industry Executives, Development Workshops, Training, Certificate Programs as well as Graduate Programs. This can be leveraged for research, conferences, and executive education.
  • Conclaves and Conferences with Industry bodies and Academic Institutions combined with Government Programs

Government Relations

  • Rank Global connects International Universities to various Regional as well as National Government departments and Education Policy making institutions of the country.
  • The company has managed High profile Government level MOUs as well as discussions globally.

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